#CEURWS adopts CC-BY by 2019-08-01 for #openaccess proceedings

Dear all,

after some delays we have now revision our submission rules to comply with the adoption of the Creative Commons CC-BY license model, see


The new rules are applicable for submissions arriving after 2019-08-01. Proceedings editors can also adopt the new scheme earlier.


The biggest change is that papers and proceedings are now licensed as Creative Commons CC-BY. Proceedings editors will have to collect suitable signed agreements from their authors and also provide a CC-BY agreement for the proceedings volume as a collection.

Since the CC-BY license is irrevocable, we no longer support the DELETE service to remove a volume from CEUR-WS. Once published as CC-BY it stays in the public space.

Kind greetings,


Manfred Jeusfeld






  1. The move to CC-BY has been completed and workshop organizers seem to appreciate the new license model. We are aware that it puts a slightly bigger workload on workshop organizers to take care of fulfilling the additional requirements. But the benefit should outweigh the little extra work. Papers are made available on a widely accepted #openaccess model. Readers are assured that they can legally download the papers. And CEUR-WS itself is assured that it has the right to publish the proceedings.

  2. me said:

    There seems to be a backlog of unprocessed submissions from July.
    It would be good if you could give a “watermark” info, how long we should wait before assuming our submission was lost.

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