Monthly Archives: September 2016

I am wondering how long a paper should be to be worth considered publishable. For example, a half-page abstract of an invited talk hardly has more than an explanation of the title and probably will never be cited. Such abstracts may be in the (electronic) proceedings but should not be indexed by DBLP or other services as a scientific paper.

Are there sharp criteria about the minimum length? Is it 2 pages or 5 pages? Shall any citable paper also contain references about what others have done?


Shall a 2-page paper about a demo be regarded as a citable scientific paper?

The question gets more relevant these days because CEUR-WS is now recognized by the “Norwegian Database” as a publisher with reasonable reputation. Any paper published by CEUR-WS thus counts in the Norwegian system (which is also adopted by Sweden and possibly Finland).


I rather do not want that short abstracts or very short papers count the same as a long paper.

Your opinion is welcome!