Monthly Archives: July 2022

Starting from version 0.4.8, our LaTeX style CEURART produces PDF/A-1a. It used to produce PDF/A-3u, but since some national archives would only accept PDF/A-1a, we made this switch. The Word/LibreOffice templates are not affected. We advise authors to configure their Word/LibreOffice suite to also produce PDF/A-1a when creating papers for CEUR-WS.

The change is minor and should not have a great implication. To our knowledge, PDF/A-3u allows to include data tables in the PDF file. Since, no standards for the data formats are defined in PDF/A-3u, such inclusions are less suitable for archival.

If authors need to publish data sets with their papers, we recommend to either use open-access services that issue DOIs/URNs for such data sets and then link to the data sets from within the PDF file. Or authors can use the complex paper format

for publishing papers with small accompanying data sets/source code/models.

N.B. (2022-07-06): While the CEURART style now uses PDF/A-1a, images contained in an actual PDF and included packages and options can lead to a PDF file that is actually not compliant to PDF/A-1a.