#CEURWS about to switch to #CCBY #OPENACCESS license model

Dear Fellow Academics!

The agreement texts for the new CC-BY-based license model are almost done. We shall put them online in the coming 1-2 weeks. Workshop organizers who collected submissions under the old copyright clause can still publish their proceedings under the old model.

The new model is becoming mandatory around the summer. It will require workshop organizers to submit a signed agreement for the editors (covering the proceedings as a whole to be published on http://CEUR-WS.org, putting the volume under CC-BY) and all signed author agreements (putting each paper under CC-BY).

Due to the irrevocable nature of the CC-BY license model, we no longer can offer the DELETE procedure for a published volume. This procedure was very rarely used (actually 2 times in more than 20 years). Independent of this, we reserve the right to remove volumes or papers if ethical rules are violated, in particular in cases of plagiarism.

Kind greetings: Manfred Jeusfeld

UPDATE: The new scheme will be introduced a bit later since we are evaluating the legal conditions.

  1. Dear Manfred, dear Christoph,

    We are now in the process of collecting the camera-ready versions of the papers of ICTERI 2019. The volume is planned for submission to CEUR-WS at around the 16-20th of June, 2019. Should we wait for your updated agreement texts to appear on your site or use the old model?


    Vadim Ermolayev

  2. We are a bit late with the transition. Specific questions like these should be sent to the regular CEURWS email account.
    Kind greetings, Manfred

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