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Hej! If you ever used #CEURWS ( you may wonder how to give us something back. We do not take money, but we definitely welcome script donations that make our work easier. For example, a Python program could check whether a submission directory contains any of the top errors listed in

The script should come along with a permissive license such as BSD/FreeBSD-style and should be easy to read & maintain.

Ideally, the scripts should also support proceedings editors to produce correct index.html files. Hence, installation on Linux,Windows,OS-X should be easy.

Contact us for more info!

Manfred (ceurws -at-



The International Association for Ontology and its Application ( has started a Series for IAOA Proceedings at We are proud to collaborate with IAOA and look forward to see their proceedings published with! You find the Series at

Responsible editor for the IAOA series at is Oliver Kutz from the Free University of Bozen/Bolzano, Italy.

2018-11-06, Manfred Jeusfeld