Monthly Archives: December 2017 is running without financial support, thanks to the kind services of SunSITE Aachen and the voluntary work by the CEUR-WS Team. We do not ask money from our users, but we would greatly appreciate if you could donate script code or web services that makes our life easier.

One such service would be to extract all author names (CEURAUTHOR tag) from an index.file and then to check per author, how many DBLP entries this author has. The result should be summarized as follows

Total number of (unique) authors: XXX

Total number of DBLP entries of all authors: YYY

Average: YYY/XXX

Technically, a Python script or a web service may be useful.

So, if you like and want to support our work, then invest some energy and write this piece of code!

Manfred, 2017-12-12