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CEUR-WS proudly announces its own LaTeX article style CEURART. The style was created by our team member Dmitry Kulyabov. The style is available in both one- and two-column variants. Special attention was given to indicate the Creative Commons CC-BY license dedication and the correct generation of metadata in the PDF generated from LaTeX. The generated PDF is compliant to PDF/A 1.5.

The style is available via OVERLEAF at

You also find sample PDFs using the CEURART style at

You can clone this OVERLEAF template via “Open as Template” to create your own paper in the CEURART style. Workshop organizers are welcome to create a pre-configured set of files, where for example the reference to the workshop in the footnote is set.

You can also download the sources to a local directory and use your own LaTeX environment to write your paper. Note that you need a recent LaTeX version to process the CEURART style.

Addendum: We also supply DOCX and ODT templates of the CEURART style at The DOCX files were created with Word 2013. If your Word 2019 cannot read them, please use the ODT variant instead or use LibreOffice (which is apparently more compatible to DOCX than Word 2019).

There are two variants. The 1-column variant is preferred for easier readability on screens. However,  workshop organizers may also use the 2-column variant, which may be easier to read when printed. Do not mix the two variants in one volume.

From January 1st, 2022,  onward, we demand that workshops/conferences publishing with CEUR-WS use the CEURART style. We hope you appreciate the new style and adopt it for future submissions!

Kind greetings, Manfred



The CEUR-WS Team introduced two new rules to clarify which types of proceedings submissions we can accept:

(1) A new rule specifies that master/bachelor student proceedings are not published by CEUR-WS in the future. Of course, we do not forbid that students submit paper to conferences or workshops that target the broad academic community as authors.

(2) Proceedings submissions should not be later than 2 years after the event. Post-event proceedings became more popular in recent years (bypassing rules of some conferences that prescribe a paywalled workshop proceedings volume) but please try to publish within a couple of months after the event.

We shall also soon publish a new LaTeX style for papers published at CEUR-WS. You can choose between a 1-column and a 2-colums variant.

mvh, Manfred

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