Monthly Archives: March 2018

Authors of papers published at retain their full copyright that they acquired by law when they created the paper. At, they would grant a non-exclusive copyrights to their proceedings editors, who subsequently execute this right to publish a whole proceedings volume on

Authors may wonder what this copyright means for them. The obvious application is to store a copy of the paper on their institutional repository or  their home page. In such cases, the copy of the paper carries the same bibliographic metadata as the official paper copy at

Another case is the re-publication by an author, e.g. by submitting the same paper to another workshop, conference or journal. Such a re-publication may legally be allowed, but would likely violate academic standards (“self-plagiarism”). In some research communities, publishing a significantly extended version of a paper at another place is regarded acceptable.

So, please consider copyright and academic standards as separate issues!

We are happy that Jolita Ralyté from University of Geneva kindly accepted our invitation to join the Advisory Team. Jolita is a well-known researcher in method engineering and information service science. She also organizes a number of conferences in these fields. We look forward to her advice on further developing as a leading free & open-access publisher for workshop proceedings in computer science and information systems.

We are happy to announce that TIB.EU (Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology and University Library) has agreed to provide long-term archival services for proceedings volumes published on We share the common goal of providing open access to high-quality scientific publications. continues the collaboration with SunSITE Central Europe for its publication service.

TIB.EU is acting for the German National Library to provide reliable archive for publications in technical sciences, architecture, and natural sciences. See for more details on the mission of TIB.EU.