Monthly Archives: February 2018 aims at supporting workshops and conferences with a focus on computer science (and information systems, IT). In 2017, we received a relatively¬† large number of submissions that were from neighbouring areas such as engineering. While we appreciate multi-disciplinary research, we do still expect that the majority of authors of such proceedings have a solid computer science background. Better to say: At least one of a paper’s authors should have a solid CS background.

To implement this policy, we may now request the DBLP (or SCOPUS) footprint of the authors of a proceedings submission, if we have some concerns on the focus. This is not a judgement of the quality, but we need to be aware that the readership of comes primarily from the CS domain. A senior researcher working in the CS domain is normally well-represented in DBLP. Thus, we use DBLP (and partly SCOPUS) to check the scope of a submission.

Our advice for organizers of new workshops considering as publisher is as follows:

  • check whether your workshop can be an co-located event of a well-known conference
  • include well-known international domain experts in your program committee
  • only publish papers that get good or very good reviews

This should enhance the probability that we accept your submission!