Monthly Archives: September 2018

Dear all,

we plan some rule changes to become effective from December 2018 onwards:

(1) The minimum length for a paper published in a new CEUR-WS volume is increased to eight LNCS-equivalent pages (old: five). Exceptions may be possible for certain papers such as invited papers, if the other regular papers overfulfill the rule.

(2) All new volumes shall target an international audience. Therefore, at least 50% of the papers shall be written in English. We moderately discourage submissions of non-English papers.

Comments are welcome!

Kind greetings: Manfred

2018-11-14: The rules have now been amended and become operational by 2019-01-01, see

CEUR-WS volumes are predominantly including papers in English but there are a number of exceptions.

Since about a year, we demand that non-English papers have at lest an English abstract to allow the international readership to assess whether a paper matches their interest.

I wonder whether we should move completely to English and demand that all papers are written in English. The readership of CEUR-WS is international and English is the de-facto for publishing within computer science (and most other sciences as well).

What do you think?