Monthly Archives: May 2015

Workshops are typically created when researchers feel the need to discuss some new ideas in a specialized community. The proceedings editors of such workshops are a vital part of the community and it makes perfect sense that they have something to contribute, for example research papers.

The very first volume of (KRDB-94) was co-edited by me and I actually also published a paper there. So, I did this in the past. Ir wasn’t my greatest paper I must say.

But times are changing. The number of workshops are growing and I see quite a number of workshops at where a major portion of the published papers are co-authored by one of the editors.

I believe that all such papers are peer-reviewed but still I feel that there is something wrong if editors publish papers in their own proceedings volume.

So my question to the community is: Should we ban such papers in the future?

Cheers: Manfred