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This blog is about discussing and sharing ideas on future directions for CEUR Workshop Proceedings ( We started the service in 1995 to help workshop organizers to get their proceedings published online in a stable and citable channel.

Since then, technology has improved. In particular, semantic technologies offer additional ways to index and re-use scientific results.

We invite users of to share their opinion with us. Just leave a comment to the relevant post here!

  1. The trend towards open annotation of any online content and crowdsourcing for tasks specific annotations is growing. Some tool kits like DOMEO now facilitate ontology-based stand-off annotation on HTML or XML documents.

  2. Thanks Chris! The question for me is: Who may annotate which document at which time? DOMEO looks like a very lightweight and promising tool.

  3. moussaamrani said:

    A newbie question: is there any associated meaning to the acronym/denomination CEUR (as I am guessing WS stands for WorkShop, right)?



    • Hi Moussau,

      the acronym stands for “Central EURope”.
      This refers to the location of the service.
      Yes, WS stands for Workshop.

      Cheers: Manfred

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