CEURART article style for #CEURWS #openaccess now also available for #DOCX

we can now also offer DOCX templates for our new CEURART article style. See


The style is now available for LaTeX (Overleaf or local LaTeX) and DOCX. We support both one-column and two-column layouts, though they should not be mixed within the same proceedings volume.

Proceedings editors are encouraged to use the CEURART style instead of other styles such as LNCS, ACM or IEEE styles. You can adapt the templates for your event and then make them available to authors.

Thanks to Aleksandr Ometov (TAU,Finland) who contributed the DOCX template under a CC-BY-SA license. The LaTeX template was contributed by Dmitry S. Kulyabov and is considered to be the original reference template.

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