#Openaccess Satellite events at #CEURWS? Part 2

Hi! CEUR-WS.org started in 1995 with the explicit goal to help workshop organizers to get their proceedings published. At that time commercial #closedaccess publishers largely neglected workshop proceedings.This has changed in the past 5 years.

As a consequence, we see a number of submissions to CEUR-WS.org that are labelled as “Short paper proceedings” or “Demo & Poster papers”.

I have some reservations whether this is a good development. These papers are not published in the main conference volume and not even in a 2nd tier proceedings volume. The purpose of publishing such papers may be to attract their authors to come to the conference and pay the fee.

There are of course exceptions, like “challenge workshops” that solicit only short papers that are focussed on a narrow subject such as showing a solution to a common challenge defined by the workshop organizers.

But for the rest, I am wondering whether CEUR-WS.org should continue to publish short-paper proceedings.

Comments are welcome!


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