#TIB ensures long-term archival of #CEURWS #openaccess proceedings

Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB), located at the University of Hannover in Germany, has been entrusted by the German National Library (DNB) to provide long-term archival of technical publications, which includes computer science.

#CEURWS (CEUR-WS.org, a grassroot open-access publisher) came with TIB to an agreement that ensures the long-term archival of eventually all proceedings volumes published at CEUR-WS.org. The long-term archival is aimed at future generations being able to retrieve publications from past decades or even centuries. It is not online accessible.

In addition to the long-term archival, TIB shall also provide a mirror for newly published proceedings volumes from CEUR-WS.org. This gives proceedings editors extra confidence that their volumes are accessible even when CEUR-WS might come to the end of its operation (which is in the fa future, I believe).

More details are at


I like to thank TIB for this great service! Long-term archival has been a weak spot of CEUR-WS in the past. It is now ensured by the most professional team you can imagine.

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