#CEURWS to adopt CC-BY 4.0 by April 2019

Hi, fellow academics!

In 2018, we conducted a survey among past CEUR-WS proceedings editors on the copyright license model of CEUR-WS. Most open-access publishers nowadays adopt a CC-BY license. CEUR-WS up to now has a proprietary license clause, which states the the copyright is with the authors (resp. editors for the volume as a whole) and that private and academic use is permitted. The latter part is a form of a license. The first part states the copyright holder.

To put our service on a more solid ground and to be more compatible with the open-access practices, we want to adopt the CC-BY 4.0 license for papers and for proceedings volumes. CC-BY was the relative winner of the survey in 2018, beating the more narrow variants CC-BY-SA, CC-BY-NC and other combinations. The current CEUR-WS copyright license (PUT-FORM) got the least number of votes.

So, we shall now begin with setting up the agreement forms compatible with the new license model. Until everything is in place, we continue using the old clause and the existing PUT-FORM agreement!

Once everything is in place, there shall be two agreements to be signed. One by each author, in which s/he agrees that their paper is included in the proceedings volume under a CC-BY 4.0 license model and that CEUR-WS is the original publisher of the paper. The other signed by the proceedings editors, in which they agree that the proceedings as a whole is originally published on CEUR-WS under the CC-BY 4.0 license model. Details will be published as soon as we have the two forms ready.

Note that authors/editors continue to retain their copyright. The important change is on the licensing. Also note that the CC-BY license does not supersede the rules and habits of proper conduct in academic publishing. Re-publication of a paper in a different channel continues to be subject to the rules of proper academic publishing.

We do not plan to make any changes to already published volumes and their papers.

If all goes well, the new scheme is enacted in April 2019.

Kind greetings,


Manfred Jeusfeld

Chair of CEUR-WS Advisory Team



UPDATE: The new scheme will be introduced a bit later since we are evaluating the legal conditions.








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