#CEURWS call for script donations

Hej! If you ever used #CEURWS (CEUR-WS.org) you may wonder how to give us something back. We do not take money, but we definitely welcome script donations that make our work easier. For example, a Python program could check whether a submission directory contains any of the top errors listed in http://ceur-ws.org/HOWTOSUBMIT.html#TOPERRORS.

The script should come along with a permissive license such as BSD/FreeBSD-style and should be easy to read & maintain.

Ideally, the scripts should also support proceedings editors to produce correct index.html files. Hence, installation on Linux,Windows,OS-X should be easy.

Contact us for more info!

Manfred (ceurws -at- sunsite.informatik.rwth-aachen.de)



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