CEUR-WS.org celebrates 20th anniversary!

Dear CEUR-WS editors and users!

CEUR-WS.org celebrates its 20th anniversary on April 21, 2015.

Actually, the first volume was published already on April 7, 1995 but the instructions on how to submit were published on April 21, 1995. That is the official start of the service.

CEUR-WS.org became possible after Sun Microsystems Germany had donated a powerful server (“Sun SITE”) to the Informatik V institute of Prof. Matthias Jarke at RWTH Aachen, Germany. The Sun SITE got the name “Sun SITE Central Europe” and CEUR-WS became one of its first services. Indeed, the acronym “CEUR” was derived from “Central Europe”. We used that label because it was founded in Aachen, which was the residence of Charlemagne around 800 AD and continued to be the place where the medieval emperors were crowned.

After a slows start of the service, CEUR-WS.org attracts now 200 volume submissions per year (figure of 2014) and has become a popular publication channel, in particular for workshops in the computer science domain.

We thank all workshop organizers who published with CEUR-WS.org for their trust, and look forward to improve the service with your support!

Manfred Jeusfeld, founder of CEUR-WS.org

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