CEUR-WS.org has a new publisher and gets more advice!

CEUR-WS.org has now a new publisher, Ruzica Piskac, who has been managing editor  since 2008. When Ruzica joined, we had just 350  volumes published from the 1995 (the  year when the service started) to 2008, i.e. 13 years. Now we have more than 1200 volumes published and probably the majority of volume publications where handled by Ruzica. Great success with the new role, Ruzica!

CEUR-WS.org has now  a new board called ‘advisory team’. As I stepped down as publisher, I assume the role of a chair in that board. I am happy to welcome two brilliant senior colleagues to this board: Diego Calvanese and Ralf Klamma. Both have a long history in using CEUR-WS.org either as proceedings editor or author.

Christoph will continue as technical editor in the management team. I am very happy to have you on board! Exciting innovations are about to come!

The full details of the CEUR-WS.org Team are at http://ceur-ws.org/CEURWS-TEAM.html

Kind greetings, Manfred, 2014-10-07

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