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We are moving towards more semantically enriched index files. To do so, we plan to make compliance to HTML5 mandatory. Workshop editors need to pay more attention to the correct use of HTML and the CEUR-specific tags.

What is your opinion about semantically enriched index files for CEUR-WS? Shall submissions include RDF specifications for meta data such as bibliographic data?

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  1. langec said:

    I should point out more clearly that we already support semantic tables of contents, using RDFa, to some extent.

    My first, inspiring experiment with a semantic publication was paper 6 of I had chaired the 2012 workshop on semantic publishing (SePublica), and one author had submitted a paper that was “more semantic than we had expected”. With the proceedings SePublica 2013 ( I added RDFa to ceur-make (, a collection of scripts to automate the generation of proceedings volumes, particularly when using EasyChair for paper submission. ceur-make is now used by roughly 1 in 5 workshop chairs.

    The RDFa annotations generated by ceur-make (which you can inspect using and passing a URI such as currently accompany the CEUR… microformat annotations. The latter are currently used by DBLP. For the moment, we merely generate RDFa, but we would be interested in using it, too.

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